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Axe - Axe Recharge Ocean Breeze Long Lasting Deodorant For Men 150 ml | MRP: Rs. 230


5 out of 5 from 2 Reviews

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Key Features :

  • Green aquamarine fragrance, smells like Green Yuzu, Green Lemon Peel, and Violet leaf.
  • Cools you down by 6 degrees instantly
  • Keeps you fresh for 24 hours
  • Full body spray
  • Safe On Skin
  • From The World’s No. 1 Male Deodorant
  • MRP: Rs. 230 | Expiry: November 2022


Safety Information:

Do not puncture or burn can even when empty.Do not spray near a naked flame or any incandescent material.. Keep away from sources of ignition - no smoking.Do not spray near eyes or face or on broken/sore skin.If irritation occurs, discontinue use.Avoid direct inhalation. Harmful, if taken internally.Use in well ventilated places while prolonged spraying.Keep out of the reach of children. Does not contain CFC.


Shake well. Hold can upright and 15 cm away from underarm and body. Spray directly on skin.


Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50? C. Keep in cool place away from heat and sunlight.


Terms & Conditions*

  • Sample offer open till stocks last, for Indian residents only.
  • Eligibility to receive a sample depends upon the profile of user, survey answers and other factors as decided by the brand promoters. Applying for a sample does not gaurantee reciept of samples.
  • Certain samples/ the Good Bag may involve payment of actual/nominal delivery charges.
  • Samples are not for sale, limit of one sample per household.
  • Samples may take atleast 8 weeks from start of offer to delivery.
  • Decision of the brand & fabpiks will be final for all sample offers.
Description :

Introducing the Recharge Ocean Breeze Body Spray by Axe – the World’s #1 Male Deodorant brand. With a wide range of deodorants, no gas perfumes and male grooming products, Axe is your wingman for all your daily grooming needs. Make waves everyday with the Axe Recharge Ocean Breeze body spray deodorant for men that cools you down by six degrees instantly! Fragrance can take you places – the ocean to be exact! This green aquamarine deodorant infused with hints of green yuzu and lemon peel is so refreshing that each spritz feels almost exactly like the ocean mist. Swim in invigorating waters with the Axe Recharge Ocean Breeze body spray. Just twist the cap to reveal the nozzle. Then, hold the can straight up about 15cms away from your body. Spray on your underarms and chest. It’s simple! You don't need to get worked up about using it on your body because it’s totally safe to spray the Axe Recharge Ocean Breeze Body Spray directly onto your skin. Hotter, smoother, chill, and even chocolate! You can choose who you want to be with to be with our wide range of Axe deodorants for men. Pick between Axe Dark Temptation, Marine Splash, Ocean Breeze, Pulse, Provoke, midnight and many more. Choose yours now!


5 out of 5 from 2 customer reviews

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  • Avani Dalal (Mumbai)
    Axe Recharge Ocean Breeze Long Lasting Deodorant For Men 150 ml | MRP: Rs. 230
    October 19th, 2020
    This product came nicely sealed. It was very nice to use the fragrance was nice and fresh. It lasted for a good 7/8 hours. Really loved the product.
  • Nitesh Jain (Mumbai)
    Axe Recharge Ocean Breeze Long Lasting Deodorant For Men 150 ml | MRP: Rs. 230
    October 19th, 2020
    Nice fragrance....nice product...fragrance lasts long.. Will definitely recommend to friends....

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