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A Guide to Sampling in the world of Ecommerce

A Guide to Sampling in the world of Ecommerce
August 29th, 2020

Everything has gone Digital, the wave of internet hit India in early 2013-2014 and it kept on rising, where today you can find, compare and purchase pretty much anything you want in a matter of minutes online.


Being so many advantages, we do agree there is always a slight downfall to it. You can’t have the touch and feel of the product like you would if you were to go to your local market to shop. You have a risk of purchasing a product that you may regret buying later because it doesn’t suit your liking.


This is exactly where sampling comes into place. Free samples have long been a touchstone in the shopping experience at the grocery store and the makeup counter.


If you were to go by lipstick from your general drug store, the employee would swatch the shades on your hand so you can experience the feel of the product before actually spending your money, right?


Fabpiks bring you the sample experience. It gives you a chance to first TRY out products free of cost (or minimal shipping charges) and lets you share your experience and make your buying decision more convenient and smarter.


There are a number of advantages to running product sampling campaigns for the companies as well as the consumer's hand in hand.


1. It helps us identify our most loyal customers which help us in return to reward them,

2. We get helpful feedback on products from our ‘real’ customers which is essential for the companies to better their product.

3. Also, it helps advertise the product and generates excitement and demand for the product, even before its launch!

However, the biggest advantage of sampling in the e-commerce world is quickly generating ratings and reviews that are organic and genuine.


Simply put, product sampling works by asking consumers if they’d like to experience a product in exchange for their honest feedback, whether through a review or on social media (or both in our case at fabpiks). This allows brands to collect and amplify content from real customers in the hopes of influencing new buyers.


Customers' written content plays a crucial role in the buying decisions of other tentative shoppers. Even just one single customer review on a product can influence how well the product will sell.


And when it comes to social media, consumers are more likely to purchase a product if the website has social media posts with pictures and videos from real customers.


In conclusion, we will say that getting people to talk about products online is a great way to influence sales — and product sampling is a great way to help start those conversations.


Fabpiks has a great variety of samples one can try for free, log on at to try them Now!

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