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Cashing Out

Cashing Out
July 10th, 2020

Fabpiks has great benefits, but you know one of its best part? It doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. You avail free samples, get FabPoints, you get offers or Cashback or sometimes both!


Now a lot of the customers might be wondering what to do with the cashback? It’s your money; spend it however you may want! Today I will explain to you how this cashback procedure works and how to get a hang of it.


First things first FabPoints are different from Cashback. To understand more about FabPoints check out the article- Collect and Redeem!


Getting back to where I was, Cashback. HOW DO WE GET CASHBACK?


When you apply to try for a sample you seldom have to pay a small amount of money, which is basically your shipping charges, which Fabpiks returns it to you in the manner of Cashback. The cashback amount is already mentioned in the description. This cashback is credited into your account the moment you purchase a sample.




For this you need to follow very simple steps:


Step 1 – log on to

Step 2 – Click on ‘My Wallet’

Step 3 - check your Cashback under ‘FabPiks Cashback’

Step 4- Redeem your Cashback under 'Shop' section and check out some amazing products waiting to get grabbed at discounted prices and offers.


What are you waiting for then? Shop On.

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