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Collect and Redeem!

Collect and Redeem!
July 9th, 2020

A lot of our customers have come up to us to understand what FabPoints are and how they work, if you are wondering the same – today is your lucky day because we will explain to you how amazing these Fabpoints are and all that you can do with them.

Ok so we at Fabpiks have a Reward System, which are called FabPoints. How do you get them? Easy.


Sign Up

When you sign up and verify your email address via your email *Very Important* you Earn 500 Fabpoints as a welcome gift to get started on Fabpiks.


Try and Review

Now its time for you to get trying. Choose the products you would like to try and get qualified for it in simple steps. After trying share your review/feedback with us and you earn yourself 100 FabPoints!


Share It

Don’t just keep your review to yourself, share it with your friends and family on social media and you can earn 50 FabPoints. You can share your review on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What is the point of earning all these FabPoints you ask? You can redeem it to purchase merchandise from our ‘Rewards’ section.

Here are simple ways to check how many FabPoints you have and how you can redeem them:


Step 1 Login in to

Step 2 Go to 'My Accounts' page and check your points under ‘FabPoints Earned’

Step 3 Redeem your FabPoints under 'Rewards' and check out some amazing products waiting to get grabbed.


Redeem Your FabPoints Now!

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