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Digital v/s In-store Sampling

Digital v/s In-store Sampling
July 3rd, 2020

Let us start by having a basic understanding about sampling and the different ways to do it before we compare them.

Sampling is getting to experience a product without actually purchasing it and based on your experience, making a decision of buying in future. We do so in order to save ourselves money, time and energy and to ensure we have the desired experience with the product.

We have all tried free food being offered in the malls while we shop. Most of us ladies have had the experience of testing cosmetics and try a new collection of lipsticks before we purchase it and the same goes for men while trying out the latest perfumes at the mall. These experiences are nothing but good old in-store free sampling. If we liked the food, we would buy it and same is the case with cosmetics and perfumes.

However, with the ongoing pandemic, things are ought to change, we can’t take a chance of going out, tasting and trying new things as it’s a risk, not only to ourself but to others as well. Here is when Digital Sampling comes to the rescue of brands. Just like in-store sampling, digital sampling gives brands a chance to make customers experience their products and for the consumer to make a good buying decision all by sitting in the safety and comfort of your home.

Covid-19 has turned tables, the disease according to experts is here to stay and will impact our lifestyle for a long time. Hence, we need to find ways to go about our lives and find alternatives to fulfil our needs. Online sampling is the single most convenient and safe way to continue with the supply and demand of products.

Digital Sampling is easy and convenient. It is focused heavily on the data behind sampling, giving brands the ability to target and track their sampling campaigns. Brands can now target very specific audiences digitally, and send them physical samples in the mail. As a customer, its’ a win-win situation as one can simply get samples delivered at home, try and review them and make smart decision while purchasing a product.


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