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Get a Radiant look all summer

Get a Radiant look  all summer
August 5th, 2020

The summer heat causes various troubles like itchiness, rashes and the sweat may even cause boils. A good talcum powder can help you fight problems related to summer heat.

Fabpiks has got you covered this summer season. We often wonder if there is a product that could help us retain shower like fresh radiant throughout the day, well there is! Presenting Pond’s Sandal Talc, it is infused with real Sandalwood oil that gives you soft and radiant skin and leaves you feeling fresh for longer.

It is specifically designed for your skin - with soft and smooth micro talc particles that are easy to apply. Perfect for the summers, it has natural sunscreen that protects you from the harsh damaging sun and provides sun protection. Use generously on your face, neck and underarms to absorb sweat and fight body odour. Powder your face for smoother and brighter skin. Pond’s Sandal talc comes in a vibrant pack with twist-lock cap for quick and easy dispensing. Use this right after the shower in the morning & before going to the bed in night for the soft and soothing freshness.

Along with fighting with summer heat it gives you a natural glow and keeps you fresh. Ditch the deodorants and opt for Ponds Sandal Radiance Talcum powder instead!

Click here to try it for FREE.

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