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Go Organic and Natural with Conscious Food

Go Organic and Natural with Conscious Food
April 19th, 2021

The way we farm and eat can make a world of difference. Organic is an 'agroecological' farming system that offers many benefits.

Recognized by ECOCERT (an international inspection and certification body for organic, fair trade, and good agricultural practices) Conscious Food are on a mission to promote organic (chemical-free) and natural (whole, unrefined, unadulterated) foods in order to keep the earth and her people healthy.

Their journey started in 1990, while they catered to a small section of people who shared the same belief in Mumbai. The company today is the trusted brand for organic food online and across India.

Why Organic?

Even though it's pretty clear, we would still like to state some facts if you are not convinced:

  1. It's safe for the soil

Organic farming is a proactive approach to prevent the negative effects of agricultural interventions on the agroecosystem. Instead of the old harmful methods, organic farming uses techniques like crop rotation, intercropping, and natural fertilizers. This improves the soil structure.

  1. Helps prevent pollution and climate change

Organic Farming needs lesser energy than normal farming. It also prevents water pollution as no toxic fertilizers and pesticides are used in the process. Even more so, it also eases the greenhouse effect through its ability to absorb carbon in the soil.

  1. Promotes Biodiversity

Organic farming promotes animal welfare and biodiversity by using crop rotation and avoiding the use of genetically modified organisms. Because no pesticides are being used, it attracts new or re-colonizing species to the farm area where these organisms help the organic system, such as pollinators and pest predators.

  1. It's better for the people

Eating organic food means supporting a way of farming that works for people long into the future – from farmers out in the fields to those tucking in at home.

  • Fewer pesticides
  • Fewer additives and preservatives
  • No GM ingredients
  • Reduced use of antibiotics
  • More resilient farms
  • Nutritionally different food

Going organic is the need of the hour. The increase of adulteration in foods and grains is harming the environment and every creature in it – including us. There are numerous studies showing the dangerous effects of consuming fruits and vegetables grown using chemical pesticides and insecticides.

Still not convinced? Fabpiks in collaboration with Conscious Food brings to you their organic range to try out for free! Click here to go check it out.

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