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Guide to building trust in the world of Sampling

Guide to building trust in the world of Sampling
September 21st, 2020

As much as Digital Sampling has its boons it also has some banes. How do I know that the reviews are organic? How is it that I get the maximum number of samples to try? How do I trust the person writing reviews? These are some of the questions that wonder in the minds of both the brands and the customers.

To ensure this is very simple. Sampler maintaining his profile. Today we’ll talk about how easy it is to maintain your sampling profile and how it benefits all

Fill in all details carefully: Whenever filling in a form, always take your time, double-check all information you provide. Your contact details, address, email id, etc. It helps make it easier for brands to verify you.

Don’t shy away from your photography skills: Show us your lovely face in your display, send us product images when you review it. It is always more expressive when visual imagery is added. An updated display picture helps show your profile as being genuine. All reviews that you post/share are more likely to get acknowledgment. The brands will give you preference as they will identify you as an organic active customer. Not just that but when your fellow shoppers are purchasing a product, your review will help guide their purchasing decision as you would seem more reliable to them.

Speak your heart out: Don’t shy away from telling everyone the truth about your experience with the product. Tell us in detail how your experience was with the product. You can talk about the product from its packaging to its fragrance. Brands love to know exactly what you liked the most and what you disliked the most so they could work on it.

Reading your reviews will let the other consumer know what experience are they installed for. By speaking out loud - you are actually helping a lot of people!!

Doing all this, you are not only helping the brand and fellow customers but you help yourself! Firstly, at fabpiks, you get fabpoints for each time you write a review, and every time you share it on your social media! These fabpoints can then be redeemed for products from our reward section.

Did you know you even get fabpoints when you update your profile picture? CRAZY

The more active you are in the sampling community the more recognition you get. People will know you as a true and genuine sampler of the community. When you get recognition on our website, there are high chances that brands on our website choose you for trying out their new and latest samples. What’s more, is Fabpiks might also share your journey with them over a video and give you a chance to get special offers for their website.

Have you started reviewing us yet?

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