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How Organic Soups help us to stay healthy?

How Organic Soups help us to stay healthy?
July 27th, 2019

Organic Soup is a quick, hot meal with a variety of ingredients cooked together. Be it a morning routine or a delicious meal in the evening, the soups are always healthy and scrumptious. The healthiest organic soups have fresh, low-fat ingredients with a pinch of salt and pepper added to it. Let’s know a little more how organic soups can be a part of a healthy regime:



With the flush of vegetables in the soup, they can contribute well to its consumption in the human body. From squashy tomatoes to leafy spinach or beetroots, almost any vegetable lends itself in the soup.



Soups are a warehouse of essential nutrients that a body requires. Fibrous vegetables in the soup supply Vitamins such as A and C. While creamy soups supply Calcium and Vitamin D. These vitamins provide protection against immune system deficiencies and cardiovascular diseases. Calcium in the soups helps to build and maintain strong bones while vitamin D shields against cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.


Helps To Lose Weight

Research studies have found that people who have soup regularly, have lower dietary energy density and better diet quality. With high water and fiber content in the soup, it keeps us satiated in a healthy way.


Good For Digestion

Unless soups are laden with heavy cream, they ensure healthy digestion. With fibrous vegetables, lentils, and other nutrients, it aids in smooth digestion and also increases insulin sensitivity.


To make your way to a healthy lifestyle, check out our new range of Phalada Pure & Sure Organic Soups in 4 different flavors:

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