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How to enjoy free samples without paying for them?

How to enjoy free samples without paying for them?
April 13th, 2021

Free samples assist to a vital purpose for businesses, especially in the FMCG sector. Offering shoppers free samples of their newly launched/ bestselling products, companies are placing the product directly in consumers’ hands—free of charge—in optimism that they’ll buy the product after trying it. In addition, relishing people with free stuff is a great exercise to generate brand loyalty amongst shoppers.

We at Fabpiks love free products and understand the importance of it to make conscious purchasing decisions. Here, at Fabpiks - we do much more than just giving shoppers a chance to try before they buy – we also reward them for their reviews! Yes, you heard it right! At Fabpiks you get to try out products for free by mail and after trying, you get to share your experience with us and the brand.

How to enjoy free samples without paying for them? It’s super easy!

  1. Sign-up with us at Fabpiks.

Fill in some details about yourself and verify your email id. You even get loyalty points for it!

  1. Create your profile

We would love to know about you a little more, like your interests and shopping habits so that we could match you with the free stuff that we have!

  1. Browse through our try products section

We have a variety of major brands to choose samples from. Including big brands, we also are inclined towards offering you brands that are natural, vegan, herbal, and ayurvedic in nature as we care about you and the environment.

  1. Once any product sample catches your eye, simply select ‘get sample’.

Here you might have 2 different procedures to get the sample.

  1. The product is for free! In that case, fill up a short quick survey form letting us know about your deeper interests and likings. Brands create certain criteria which allow us to ensure you are a perfect fit for the product. In case you are, you are qualified to try out the free sample and give your reviews
  2. The product has a shipping charge. Well, this means that even though the product is absolutely free, there is some logistical charge applied to it. At Fabpiks, shipping charges do not exceed more than ₹99. So just pay shipping and get free products by mail to try!


Once you have got your hands on free products, you are sure to be eager to try them out, and that is exactly what we want! Go berserk trying it out and taking the full experience of the free samples we got you.

Didn’t like the product? Loved the product? The product was average? TELL US!! Fabpiks offers a safe place for people to come online from all over India and share their experiences with the products they have tried.

Send us videos or images of product reviews, tell us and our community what you liked or disliked about the product you tried. Telling us about your true experience helps us and you! How?

Sending your genuine reviews makes us believe you are a genuine sampler – the pillars of our ever-growing sampling community, and hence your chances of getting to try out more free samples increase. Not just that but we also show our gratitude by giving you Fabpoints – our loyalty points which you can redeem to get premium products from top brands!

Online sampling is the new way and it's here to stay, so let's get going and try out your favourite brands for free today!
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