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Key to Frizz-free and Strong Hair

Key to Frizz-free and Strong Hair
July 15th, 2020

Its lockdown and everyone is trying new things from being a lockdown chef to a fitness guru. How about a lockdown Hairstylist? Sounds pretty cool right!


Frizzy hair bothering you? We have a solution! Our friends at Mamaearth bring you, Argan Hair Mask which is specially formulated to treat frizzy and damaged hair while making them stronger. Its 100% natural ingredients treat all your hair problems.


Argan Oil deeply conditions the hair, making it frizz-free. Being the best natural conditioner, it makes your hair softer, shinier and silkier all while reducing the chances of split-ends.


Avocado Oil strengthens the hair by its follicles minimizing hairfall


Cedarwood Oil & Rosemary Oil stimulates hair growth and repairs thinning hair


Tea Tree Oil is the go-to ingredient for dry and brittle hair. It not only nourishes them, but also assists in reducing dandruff & soothes itchy scalp.


Milk Proteins repairs hair tissues.


If all this wasn’t enough, it even has Curd Extracts! Which, as everyone knows help condition the hair making it silky smooth.


Very easy to use, the mask requires 15 mins of application, use it twice a week to get your hair frizz free ready to be experimented on!


Try it NOW only @ Fabpiks. HURRY !!!

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