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Luxury Fragrance By Tonino Lamborghini

Luxury Fragrance By Tonino Lamborghini
August 12th, 2020

Most of us are attracted to certain colours. There is a good reason as a particular hue is often an indicator of our personality or state of mind. The scent is very personal, tied to memories and experiences. Often, we have a preference for certain colours and like the seasons that may change.  Your personality and favourite colour can lead you to your signature scent.

Fabpiks brings to you a classic range of premium perfumes Torino Lamborghini. These are available in the rewards section at slashed prices where you can even redeem your Fabpoints.

A beautiful fragrance is the best gift for any occasion. We have a variety of gift boxes from Torino Lamborghini which can be perfect for any occasion. The perfumes capture the powerful essence and legendary spirit of an Italian brand symbolized by the famous Miura fighting bull in the charging position, ready to take on a new challenge.

With single bottles, we also have gift boxes that contain scented creams and aftershave balms.

Some have a base of rich oakmoss, musk, black vanilla, precious and rare ambergris, whereas some have the base of Lemon, Apple, Lychee With a balanced infusion of Moroccan jasmine, patchouli and rose.

Shop luxury today. Click here to dive into the world of fragrance.

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