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Product Sampling – Buying made easy

Product Sampling – Buying made easy
July 3rd, 2020

The year is 2020 and the market is flooded with new products across all categories and price ranges. Some promise to be the most affordable whereas some guarantee the best results, but how does a buyer know if they are making the right choice? How does one know that the product will provide them with the desired experience?


2 words: Product Sampling. With the increase in choices the consumer today has become smarter and conscious about what they buy and how they buy it. From the customers’ point of view, product sampling gives them an opportunity to have an experience of the product without actually having to pay for it from the comfort of their home.


Product sampling is nothing but a chance for the consumer to make a smart decision, which will save them money as well as time. How does this benefit the brand you wonder? Well, the answer is simple, positive and genuine reviews help them understand the needs of its consumers and the ways in which their products might be lagging. Accordingly, they can alter their products to suit customer needs, which helps in retaining consumers and build loyalty towards brands.


At Fabpiks, not only do you get to try out free samples before you make a decision on what to buy but also get to share your experience with other customers. This in return provides you with cash back and FabPoints, which you can redeem to explore and experience new products across categories such as beauty, health care and food & beverages.

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