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Speak your mind and get rewarded!

Speak your mind and get rewarded!
May 13th, 2021

‘Honesty is the best policy - a phrase we are taught since birth, but how often do we really get rewarded for applying it? What happened the last time you told your friend the food she cooked was bland when asked for your “honest opinion”, huh? Bet it didn’t get you a thankyou..

We at Fabpiks understand you, we care about your opinions and choices. We are different. We show you our gratitude. All members of our digital sampling community are given fabpoints for participating. We give you a platform to speak up your mind, share your opinions with friends, family, and other smart consumers. By doing so you are helping people gain insights into products and services. We don’t judge you if you didn’t like something, we reward it! There are fabpoints that you can earn in different ways and get amazing products.

1. Sign Up

Yup, the moment you complete your registration and verify your account you are rewarded with 500 Fabpoints! Our way of saying, ‘’ We are happy to have you here!”. Make sure you fill everything correctly.

2. Reviews

Tried a product you see? Tell us how the experience was! You can share pictures and videos to express yourself. This helps other consumers get better insights, and helps us know that you are a genuine sampler. You also help the brands know about how you – their consumer, feels about their product so they can find ways to improve the experience.

3. Surveys

Help us get to know you better so we can bring you the products of your liking! Have a pet? Fill up the pet survey, we might get the doggie brand that is the best for your best. Each time you fill out surveys, we give you reward points as a token of thanks for your time.

4. Share Feedback

Tried out a product and loved it? Share the experience with your friends and family on social media and ask them what they think. It also gets you Fabpoints!

5. Share a Sample.

See a product on Fabpiks that is just perfect for someone you know? Share the opportunity for them to try before they buy! Get their opinion on the product and their experience. You and your friend both get to win fabpoints this way!

6. Authenticate your Profile

This means keep your profile updated including your address, income, added family members Profile picture, etc. Why? So that we are up to date with your lifestyle and bring the best products for you to try. This also helps us know you are a genuine sampler; we do not want fake audiences and their opinions. This helps keep the platform and its functioning transparent and ethical.

After doing all this, you go to the reward section and redeem these points to get yourself an amazing goodie. Wait, liked a product but not enough Fabpoints? There’s a way – Buy Fabpoints. You can also shop Fabpoints for as low as ₹1!

Not a member yet? Sign up today and tell us what you feel!

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