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Stress Causing Damage to Your Skin?

Stress Causing Damage to Your Skin?
July 7th, 2020

It is what seems, like day 256 of the Covid lockdown. You have cleaned your house for the 50th time this month now. Tired, you sit down and put on some TV to get versed with the ongoing news while you sip your green tea. Suddenly you feel like you’ll choke on the tea and you’re sweaty even with the air conditioner running at 18 degree Celsius. A seizure? A heart attack? NAH! Its none other than your old friend- STRESS, here to ruin your day once again without an invitation.

Stress is like a relative that comes unannounced and stays more than what is required. We agree that a little bit of stress is good to keep that adrenaline rushing. While a couple of bad days can pass off, stress for a longer duration affects your physical and mental health.

Its time to ask your annoying relative to pack its bags and LEAVE!

Stress can cause acne, dark circles, blemishes, and what not. Different skin has to deal with different problems. Fabpiks has a range of products for all skin types and skin problems in our SkinCare Collection.


The Nature’s Co. Bath Salt Collection:  Soak in to pamper in a soothing bath treat. It’s cleansing, mildly astringent and antiseptic property is a perfect way to restore the body and relax the mind. It is available in various scents from rose to cinnamon to fruity flavours.


Sacred Earth’s Herbal Neem Face Pack: Stress can cause breakouts and blemishes. This product comprises the purifying, detoxifying, cleansing and hydrating properties of Neem, Tea tree and Aloe Vera which reduce your skins oil balance while reducing pimples and blackheads, making your skin flawless and radiant. Enriched with essential fatty acids antioxidant Vitamin E it dehydrates skin. Its Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties purify oily and acne-prone skin leaving it balanced, toned and healed.


Lass Naturals’ Green Tea & Cucumber Under Eye Cream: Work Stress keeping you awake all night? Lass has a solution, enriched with the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs & essential oils the Green Tea and Cucumber Under eye cream revitalises, brightens eye area & overall eye appearance. It Reduces puffiness, minimizes dark circles & fine lines around the eyes. Significantly soothes and moisturise the overall eye area.


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