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Why is Organic Foods Important

Why is Organic Foods Important
March 24th, 2021

It is ironic while there is so much awareness and activity against erosion in the ecology following foul emissions in the air, there appears to be no matching outcry against the deadly effects of the kind of grains, fruits, and vegetables that we daily consume. It’s a case of slow poisoning of humanity.

The incant flow in pesticides and chemicals into the production of foodstuff are inviting diseases as dark and dangerous as cancer and heart problems. – The solution: Organic farming

Let us not forget that the human body is essentially made of food that we eat. The ancient wisdom says that the human body is made of 5 elemental forces – air, water, ether, sun, and soil. These are the very elements underlying the composition of all our grains, fruits, and vegetables. Unfortunately, out of the sheer greed of optimizing the volume of production, we are compromising the basics. We are ruthlessly exploiting the nutrients of the soil, by applying all kinds of chemical inputs which lead to toxicity in what we eat. The situation is far too alarming, unless we wake up to the disaster we are facing we may be in for grave consequences in terms of our health and happiness.

Experts in the related field are of the view that it is high time we revert to organic foods by substantially modifying our agricultural practices.

Organic foods are produced, prepared, and processed without the use of any chemical, pesticides, insecticides or any other methods with are being currently used at scale.

Though organic foods may be relatively more expensive, the expenses are compensated by the immense health benefits they offer.

Now let us consider the benefits inherent in organic foods:

  • Organic foods are produced using natural techniques such as green manure to fertilize the land and crop rotation is practiced to control pests and other factors that may destroy the grains, this makes organic foods safe, healthier, and far tastier.
  • Scientific research has conclusively proved that organic foods are rich in antioxidants, natural vitamins, and minerals that prevent heart diseases, cancer, vision problems, premature aging, and cognitive malfunctioning
  • Besides, organic foods go a long way in strengthening our immune system. It has been demonstrated that organic foods are not genetically engineered, there is a huge concern about genetic engineering of food products, which tends to disturb brain growth, creates gastric disorders including thickening of the digestive tract.
  • Another positive aspect is that they are environmentally friendly, since harmful chemicals and fertilizers are forbidden in organic farming, there are minimal water and soil pollution. We must also remember that no preservatives are used in the maintenance and storage of organic foods – they are always fresh and offer a very positive psychological impact as well.
  • The flavor and taste of organic foods are said to be a good form of anti-depressants.

Referring to article 21 of the Constitution of India – Right to Life.  A fundamental right to be enjoyed by every citizen of India. It is rather shocking that to date no one has invoked this right as it's being patently violated by the kind of toxin larded food we are being made to eat. It is high time concerted efforts are made by all concerned to replace the present foodstuff by introducing organic foods. Though efforts are being made, it is absolutely imperative that a long-term plan for organic farming is put into practice on a larger scale all over India.

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