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Your Feedback Matters

Your Feedback Matters
July 7th, 2020

“Customer is God”, is an age old saying which we at Fabpiks live by and this is what forms our core values. A service is complete only when feedback is given. This will help us at Fabpiks to serve you better in the future. But you aren’t just helping us, you are helping all the other customers like you to find their desired product and have the experience they wished for. If they find the reviews reliable and accurate, they will most likely buy the product. People want to hear opinions from consumers who have genuinely used the product to get insights on quality, quantity and packaging.


And by feedback we don’t want you to limit your opinion to “I liked this good” or “I didn’t have a good experience with the product” — we and the other customers will love for you to explain why. By getting reviews, we will know which areas need improvement, as well as the good qualities of our product that needs to be highlighted.


So don’t be afraid or reluctant to give your honest and truthful feedback, even negative reviews are welcome as they help us to understand the needs of the consumer and make changes to offer a better product in the future.

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