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Gift Box | MRP: Rs.2035
Gift Box | MRP: Rs.2035
Gift Box | MRP: Rs.2035
Gift Box | MRP: Rs.2035
Gift Box | MRP: Rs.2035
Gift Box | MRP: Rs.2035

FabPiks - Gift Box | MRP: Rs.2035

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Rs. 2035
Description :
  • Organic Harvest Orgadyne Anti Pigmentation Massage Cream is enriched with the benefits of Bearberry Extract, Shea Butter and Clove Oil, rich in moisture content, nourishes and hydrates the skin and makes the skin tone even.
    Net Wt: 50 gram | MRP: Rs. 545 | Expiry: May 2021

  • Organic Harvest Exfoliating Face Scrub has Organic Beetroot extract contains Vitamin C that helps in preventing skin pigmentation and providing a fairer complexion. Organic Corn Starch helps in soothing irritations of the skin including sunburns and skin allergies.
    Net Wt: 50 gram | MRP: Rs. 495 | Expiry: May 2021

  • Organic Harvest Anti Tan Mask contains the goodness of Organic Mulberry Extract and Organic Daisy Extract penetrates deep into the skin, lightens the skin tone and evens out skin texture. Organic Seaweed Jelly helps in moisturising and calming the skin. It helps in curing acne and smoothing out fine lines with its anti-aging properties.
    Net Wt: 50 gram | MRP: Rs. 545 | Expiry: June 2021

  • Fuschia Crystal Rose Bath Salt has been developed to mimic the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs. The best way to refresh you after a long tiring day is to soak yourself in them. So simply allow the salts to swirl around gently as you take a deep breath, lie back and unwind in your own personal bath. It provides a warm, intense, rich aroma and turns an ordinary bath into a relaxing and fragrant retreat. Mineral-rich sea salt reduces fluid retention and promotes circulation, Blended with Epsom salt that detoxifies by drawing impurities from the skin.
    Net Wt: 100 gram | MRP: Rs. 450 | Expiry: June 2021

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