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Virgin Coconut Oil - Cold Pressed Oil 100 ml

Mirabela - Virgin Coconut Oil - Cold Pressed Oil 100 ml

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Description :

Mirabela Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is incredible oil for hair, skin and body but with a difference. So how is it different? ? This fine oil is extracted from premium grade dry Coconuts and pressed in small batches so you always get freshly extracted handmade cold pressed oil which is super potent. ? Hand cold pressing in small batches at room temperature helps retain higher nutrient value (medium chain fatty acids) and moisturizing ability in the extracted oil. ? It is 100% pure, natural, raw, unrefined and cold pressed oil making it best suited for new born babies and adults. ? Rich in essential fatty acids (Lauric acid, Caprylic acid, Capric acid), Vitamin (E, K) and Iron. This intensely hydrating beauty oil is super light weight, really not that sticky and gets quickly absorbed into the deepest layers of your skin. It offers nourishing, hydrating, revitalizing and brightening benefits. ? A single wipe with Mirabela?s Virgin Coconut oil instantly hydrates the skin cells to provide 24 hours of hydration to helps prevent dry skin condition and pigmentation, at the same time it balances the pH level of your skin. As all properties of pure coconut oil are maintained in this product, it does not cause the skin to breakout. ? Ingredients: Raw unrefined pure cold pressed Virgin Coconut oil

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