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Energy Drinks (Combo Pack) Amla + Panchamrita

Vedantika Herbals - Energy Drinks (Combo Pack) Amla + Panchamrita

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Description :

This combo Pack includes Panchamrita energy drink and Amla energy drink. Vedantika Herbals Panchamrita energy drink is a great immune booster Energy drink that revitalizes and gives energy to the body and mind. This energy drink is a perfect blend of fresh and healthy ingredients like carrot, beetroot, amla, mint, and ginger which are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The drink helps in healing and health preservation. Amla is the most potent natural source of Vitamin C. It boosts the immune system of the body and protects from various infections. Beetroot and carrots are rich in iron and vitamins and are excellent blood purifiers. It aids to cleanse and strengthen liver/spleen. Ginger and mint help to strengthen the digestive process. It is an instant energy drink, purely natural with no side effects. The drink gives high energy, more strength, and stamina. The antioxidant-rich drink prevents damage to cells due to free radicals. The energy drink purifies and nourishes the body. The drink being rich in iron content helps increase the hemoglobin level of the blood. It is a complete healthy Energy drink for the entire family. Amla energy drink is formulated with Amla, lemon and ginger. It is a great Vitamin C drink. Amla is readily assimilated by the human system. It contributes greatly to good health and longevity. It is a great antioxidant drink. A research study shows that a high dose of vitamin "C "is a remarkably safe and effective treatment for viral infections. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals to help kill viruses and strengthens the body’s immune system. Daily use of Amla slows the ageing of the skin.

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